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                              Tibet to invest 40 mln yuan to protect world heritage temple

                              2020-05-09 16:38:00Xinhua

                              Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region plans to invest over 40 million yuan (about 5.6 million U.S. dollars) to protect the Jokhang Temple, a UNESCO world heritage site in the old city of the regional capital Lhasa.

                              The large-scale investment, subsidized by both central and local governments, mainly focuses on upgrading the security, power, and fire-fighting facilities of the temple to protect the historical artifacts and the heritage site overall.

                              The upgrade is expected to be completed within the year, including the construction of an underground fire prevention pond, said Jin Yongchun, head of Tibet's cultural heritage administration.

                              The enhanced fire-fighting equipment will not only ensure the water supplies for fire fighting but will be used in fire emergencies in the old city, Jin added.

                              In mid-March, Tibet has poured over 6 million yuan into protecting more than 1,000-year-old stone tablets in front of the Jokhang Temple.

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